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I know some one you would love to meet! Wont tell it's an iron in the fire!
Sat Jun 27, 2015, 6:12 PM
I'm Shouting!
Fri May 1, 2015, 3:02 PM

Hokay! So, for the next chapter, should I... 

4 deviants said Continue Mimosa Palm's film on 'The previous world'?
2 deviants said Have more on Spark's pals and Seaweed Cyanide?
2 deviants said Pirate more? (With Fire Lotus)
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Really freakin' amazing ID by :icongreenknight5700:

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And we start off with this gorgeous drawing made of a couple of my griffons, one that T1N-CAN and I made together. Frankie's getting groomed, whether he likes it or not, by the beautiful Callie (this spelling is the correct one, despite the fact that I constantly spell it different ways ><)

Request: Mechafone by MissTulcadhielMade for me by MissTulcadhiel

And to top it off, we have Spark Storm having a hissy fit fight with the current main enemy in the latest story Expanding Horizons. Don't you worry fans, the actual fight will be taken much more seriously.

[Point Commission] Lusus and Spark Storm by KyuremGirlDrawn for me by KyuremGirl 

Thank you both very very much!

Part Two

Chaos And Disharmony

Chapter Four


Zuro had no idea what was going on. One minute he was standing side by side with his best friend, Jet Blast. The next, his vision became blurred and he felt like he was being licked by a dog. He could not think straight, but whatever was going on he was enjoying it like a school filly just a few years younger than him with a newborn puppy in her hooves.

After a few minutes his vision became more clear and he found himself sitting on his haunches with a bright red, winged dog licking his face. Zuro was giggling as the dog kissed him, but something was very wrong about this whole thing. As he heard his voice he noticed it was not his own, but the voice of a filly. He had no control of his body, but he managed to get a glimpse of his hooves hugging the dog covering his face in saliva and saw pink fur instead of blue.

What the... He thought.

His mind was beginning to go into a panic. He knew what was going on, but no matter what he did he could not stop himself. And to add to that this dog kissing him felt very familiar, but with something else added to it. Something very strong and delicious. Something that was feeding him just as much as when he was with...

Angel? He asked silently. No, not Angel. Jet! Discord, what did you do to us?

Zuro had given up on trying to gain control of his body and just focused his mind on everything else around him. He could sense Angel and Dili's love radiation coming from a good distance away, and from what he could tell they were with a familiar zebra the ponies once feared. This gave his panicked mind some relief, but everything else he sensed was a mix of everything, but love and harmony and this scared him.

Zuro's eyes looked up to where Discord once stood and found that he had vanished. Jet pulled back and smiled at him as his tail swung back and forth. Zuro's female voice giggled maliciously and started to get up from her haunches, causing Jet to fly away.

"C'mon boy!" Zuro said in his filly voice. "Let's keep things in chaos for daddy while he's gone!"

Jet barked happily as he assumed a position like he was on the ground with his rump over his head as his tail swung with more vigor. She ruffled his head between his ears, then the two hovered away to cause their own chaos in this town while the draconequus was out causing his own chaos elsewhere.

After a while of increasing the chaos with Jet as Zuro's loving pet, Discord appeared in front of them. Zuro cheered with a happy squeak and jumped up, wrapping her forehooves around Discord's long neck as he hugged the pink filly back with a fatherly laugh.

"Looks like you two have been having some fun." Discord mused.

"Ah huh!" Zuro chirped with a nod of her head.

Why am I so happy to see this creep? Zuro asked silently. All day since the chaos started Zuro and Jet had been transformed and spent all afternoon turning houses upside-down and making giant salt and pepper shakers without magic. Now Zuro was hugging Discord as if he was 'her' daddy and was as giddy as a school filly about it. He was holding nothing back, it was as if he was watching a play with his voice bonded to silence and there was nothing he could do about it.

"Did you take care of the elements?" Zuro asked.

"I certainly did, my little abomination." Discord replied.

"How'd you do it?" She asked with a mischievous growl. Discord gave a broad grin.

"Well, I made honesty a liar, laughter a grouch, generosity a hoarder, loyalty selfish, kindness was a pain, but I forced her to be cruel."

"And what bout magic?" Zuro asked eagerly. In truth he really did want to know what happened to the six mares he knew for the last few years, but on the inside the more he heard what Discord did to each of them the more he grew angry. Apart of him did not want to know what happened to Twilight, but his body was eager to hear what 'her father' did to the last threat to his power.

"She's still cooking my dear." Discord answered. "Soon she will be the opposite of who she really is and the Elements of Harmony will no longer be a problem."

Zuro's eye twitched as she felt a brief moment of control over her body. Discord did not notice this do to the fact he was to occupied with the added chaos of Screwball's hoof work on the town. Zuro felt another spark of freedom overtake him, but it was soon gone just as quick as it appeared.

"Oh look." Discord said. "The changelings have arrived." Zuro's head turned to see two griffons sneezing under one of her pepper shakers. Though her eyes saw another race, his senses saw someone he had been dying to see since the first week Zuro first came to Ponyville.

Gnator! Zuro's mind said while her mouth chimed "Oohhh!" as she bounced with excitement. "Can we go play with them daddy? Please?!"

Several minutes later Zuro was standing side by side with her pet, Jet with his family standing opposite them. Zuro wanted to run up and hug his brother after spending over three years without even once seeing him. Discord had vanished, no doubt to let chaos build up between Zuro and his family.

Zuro was furious about this whole situation. He was now standing against his family, minus his little sister, and he had now control over his body in order to prevent what was about to happen next. Zuro tried with every ounce of his strength to gain control of his own body over the filly Discord forced him to be.

"Zu, tell me you're in there!" Gnator called.

"Who's Zu?" 'Screwball' Zuro asked.

"You give me back my baby this instant!" Anorum demanded.

"Baby? Didn't daddy make me out of a grown up?" Screwball asked.

"Zuro, I know you're in there somewhere." Vitam stated.

"Didn't he say Zu?" Screwball asked, pointing a hoof to Gnator, who was looking more frustrated as this conversation continued.

"Cut it out!" Gnator demanded. "I want my big brother back NOW!"

"Wait." Screwball said. "Zu is Zuro, who is a grown up, who is a baby? This guy you're talking about must be chaotic!" She said as she bounced with joy. "Does he have a marefriend?"

This made Zuro's mind burst with embarrassment and fury. To think that this chaotic being he was being forced to take the form of was interested in him made him want to cringe and hide in a corner till the memory of this day vanished from his mind, which would take a long time so he wanted to go to the pony princess and ask for a memory spell to be cast on him so he would forget every moment of the chaos.

"It just so happens that the one you're taking over has a very sweet marefriend, who I approve of and I would rather spend an eternity in Tartarus than let him be with some creature like you." Anorum stated sharply.

This made Zuro's heart warm up with joy as he heard his mother virtually grant her blessing to her son. Thank you mom. He called, but was not heard.

"Awww." Screwball said as she dropped her head. Then she perked up. "You think I have a chance if I get rid of the competition?"

At that moment she found herself on her back looking up at an angry looking griffon, who was glaring daggers at her. She let out a fit of giggles while Jet barked his head off at Screwball's attacker.

"Now you listen to me!" Gnator ordered. "I may not like ponies as much as Zu does, but I swear by my monarch's name if you do anything to break my brother's heart like that I'll make sure you don't get to see another ounce of the chaos you love."

"Gnator, that's Zuro!" Anorum cried.

"This is not Zu, it's some crazed pony taking over my big brother and I hate it!" Gnator snapped.

"Gnator..." Anorum began.

"Zuro, your mother had a baby girl!" Vitam said quickly.

Screwball looked down at Vitam with a look of shock. Zuro's mind gained more life and strength than before and for the first time today he felt more joy and happiness.

"A new sister?" He asked, still trapped in the body of Screwball.

"Her name is Dulcis." Vitam answered.

"And she was upset when she felt something was wrong with you." Anorum added as she realized what her husband was doing. "Even though she hasn't met you yet, she loves you just like the rest of us."

"Dulcis?" Zuro asked as the eyes of Screwball began to well up with tears. "M-my new little sister, Dulcis?"

"She's with Angel and Dili at your Zebra friend's hut." Vitam said as he walked up to them. Gnator kept his glare on the face of Screwball, but he slowly loosened his hold of her. "You can see her if you come back to us son."

There was a long silence after that and it was apparent that there was a war going on in Screwball's eyes. Jet Blast sat there glaring and growling at Gnator, who was getting up from the filly. Screwball sat up when Gnator finally released her from the ground and at there staring into space. Soon after tears began to escape her eyes and stream down her cheeks and she looked up at the two ponies and two griffons staring at her.

"Mom... dad?" 'Zuro' asked, still trapped in the body of Screwball. "I have a new sister?"

Both Vitam and Anorum let out a cry of relief as Entibus smiled at the three and ran up and hugged Gnator, who let his nerves settle and a smile build up and his face. Zuro was back in his right mind and they all gathered together into a group hug.

Soon after a loud BOOM caught their attention and a large rainbow rose up and back down toward the heart of the town, then made a large shield that engulfed the town and a blinding light soon caused them all to close their eyes. A few moments later they opened their eyes to find themselves in their natural changeling forms and immediately reacted by changing to three ponies and two griffons standing together.

"Did anypony see us?!" Zuro asked as he frantically looked around for ponies that may have been watching. His attention was turned to a flash of green light that blasted towards Jet Blast, who fell to the ground when the light died. Zuro's eyes widened in shock, grief and disbelief when he saw the pony laying on the ground and looked over to see Gnator aiming his head in Jet's direction and his horn disappearing.

Zuro jumped at Gnator with a growl. "Gnator, what in the name of Celestia did you just do?!" He asked.

"Relax, Zu." Gnator said as he raises his talons up defensively. "I only casted a memory spell on him. He will have no memory of seeing us in our natural forms."

Upon hearing this Zuro eased up a bit and turned back to Jet who was getting up off the ground. He looked up at Zuro and smiled.

"Oh, hey Guard!" He called.

"Guard?" Entibus asked.

"Hey Jet." Zuro replied to his best friend. Jet Blast nodded and waved at all of them. "Jet, these are my parents and... best friend." Zuro introduced him to his family one by one, starting with his mother and father.

"Well, it was a pleasure meeting you." Jet said. "I better go check on my family." He then took off toward the clouds saying his goodbyes as he flew.

Zuro then turned to his parents with a large grin on his face. "Now I believe you have a little filly I have to meet!"

"Can you explain to me why you didn't stick around to see your new sister and spend time with your brother?" Entibus asked as she followed Gnator through the forest back to the mountains.

"That draconequus nearly ended our chances of success in the queen's plan to save us from starvation." Gnator answered. "We have to tell her what's going on so that she can take immediate action before something like this happens again and we loose all hope of escaping our fate."

"What about what you did with that pony? Normally you would've just taken him away and use him as food for the reserves." Entibus observed.

"Would Zu have forgiven me if I did that?" He replied. "I have to keep up his trust for two reasons. If I can't get him to join us when we need to strike then I have to do something about him."

"And the second reason?" Entibus asked as they reached the mountains.

"He loves those ponies and if I took any of them away like that he would be very upset and we'll have no chance of getting him to help us." He explained.

This was a satisfactory explanation for Entibus as she nodded her head in acceptance. She remembered all the things Gnator told her about his big brother and this explanation made sense of why he did what he did, and he was sure that Queen Chrysalis would agree with his motives of his actions.

Soon they came up to the mountain area where Chrysalis remained when she was not viewing the progress of her growing army. As they approached the peak Gnator was planning out exactly what he was going to say, thinking that he would have a tough time with it at first since the queen told him to take the rest of the day off.

"Here goes nothing."

Dear diary.

Today was the most chaotic and frightening day of my entire life and I can't believe the outcome of the whole thing. First Angel and I were planning on making this day a pure Dili day and do whatever my little sister wanted to do. Then everything became chaos.

I was changed into a filly against my will, Jet became a winged dog, and this draconequus was the cause of the whole thing.

The worst part of it is the filly I was forced to be was interested in me! Now when I think about it I just want to scream!

Anyway, after all the chaos I learned that I have two sisters now, and Dulcis is absolutely adorable! Already I can feel a strong level of love coming from her.

And there's something else I realized after the chaos when I saw Angel again. She and I have been together for over a year now and I have never felt so much pure love from anypony else. I want to take this to the next level and to start it off I'm going to take her to Canterlot where I will confess what I am to the princess and request her approval for marriage to one of her subjects. I'm not even going to tell my parents what I'm planning because they'll never allow it. Maybe my father will, but my mother with wrap me up in chains thicker than the mountains we live in.

I love Angel and I want to marry her, so as of tomorrow I will begin preparations to visit Canterlot and make my proposal the best she'll remember.

But for now, I'm just going to enjoy the rest of the evening with my marefriend and our little sister Dili.

Good night.

Part Two

Chaos And Disharmony

Chapter Three

Meetings And Reunions

Anorum was sitting alone in the living room feeding her newborn baby girl while Vitam was out searching for Gnator again. Zuro still lived happily in Ponyville with friends and a lover who knew what he was and willingly accepted him, regardless of what they had been taught about the changelings, which eased the fear she had for her son, but the fear still lingered. And Dili was with her favorite brother for the month, which was (excluding all the ponies who were not in the know) the safest place to be.

She looked down to her baby, whom she came to call Dulcis, as she fed from her mother happily, and almost greedily.  Dulcis was too young to go and feed on love on her own, so she had to feed through her mother's milk and love her mother gave to her in order to grow strong and healthy for a changeling.

Anorum cradled her baby in her forelegs, treasuring these moments as they passed while she thought about doing the same thing to the last three of her children before they became too old to nurse.

"Don't worry sweetheart." Anorum told her daughter as she fed. "There's plenty enough to last."

Dulcis let go of her mother and made a funny face. Anorum smiled and lifted her daughter over her shoulder and began to pat her back. After a minute Dulcis let out a rather large burp for one of her size, then let out a happy hum as she nuzzled her mother's neck.

"Oh my!" Anorum chimed. "That was a good one, young lady." She lifted Dulcis up at arm's length, earning some giggles from her as she flapped her forelegs up and down, then she reached up for her mother. "I love you too, Dulcis." Anorum laughed as she leaned her head closer and kissed her daughter on the nose. Dulcis wrapped her tiny hooves around her mother's muzzle and refused to let her go until she was satisfied.

Anorum hummed happily, knowing her newborn daughter loved her as much, if not more so, than Dili loved Zuro. Then it hit her! Zuro had been gone for three years, and in all that time he never once returned to their home, not even just to visit. Zuro never met his new baby sister, and it would take a few years at least before they could bring Dulcis to pony civilization without running the risk of exposing their family.

"Zuro, why don't you come home?" She asked.

Just at that moment, Dulcis pulled away from her mother's muzzle and looked off into the distance. After a minute she made a look that said she was about to cry. Anorum was about to ask 'what's wrong' when she felt distress coming from her eldest son. Soon after she felt the same level of concern coming from Vitam and even Gnator as the feeling filled her heart with fear. She gasped.


Dulcis then let her cries become reality as she let tears streamed down her cheeks. Anorum pulled her crying baby up closed and hugged her, comforting her as she got up and immediately made for the front door. She ran out of the house and transformed into a yellow pegasus mare with red mane and tail, and took off toward the direction of where her eldest child's distress was coming from.

She now had a mission. A mission that all mothers had in which the rules no longer applied to her. She had to go help Zuro, and whether or not any of the ponies saw her newborn did not matter. Only one thing mattered now, and that was her son.

"Mommy's coming, Zuro!"

Vitam had been out looking for his youngest son since sunrise this morning. He had gotten up early, planted a kiss on his wife's and newborn child's cheeks, then left their home to once again find out where Gnator was. He knew Gnator was alive, that much was certain. But wherever he was, that was completely blocked. Not only by Gnator, but by someone (or something) else, which bothered Vitam greatly.

Why are you hiding from us, Gnator? He thought quietly. What could you be doing that you don't want your own family to know about?

He flew through the streets, asking the other changelings if they had seen Gnator anywhere in the last month to a year. He soon spotted a familiar changeling he knew since he was younger and flew up to him.

"Excuse me?" He asked the changeling who was out enjoying the morning mountain air. The changeling turned to see his old friend and smiled.

"Yes, Vitam?" The changeling replied.

"Have you seen my son Gnator recently?" Vitam asked. The changeling's smile instantly faded away.

"Sorry old friend. But I haven't seen, or heard from your boys for quite some time. The last I saw Zuro was just before his sixteenth birthday, three years ago. And Gnator I've not seen since just over a year ago." Vitam sighed and dropped his head at the reply he was given.

"That's what I was afraid of." Vitam said, matter-of-factly.

"I'm sorry, my friend." The changeling said as he reached up and placed his hoof on Vitam's shoulder.

"You've nothing to be sorry about." Vitam replied.

"Have you ever thought he may have joined the queen's army?" The changeling asked. Vitam's eyes sprang up at the question. A look of both fear and determination visible in the blue hue.

"Why would he have?" Vitam asked.

"Any number of reasons." The changeling replied.

"Don't tell." Vitam said.

"Shouldn't I have said 'don't ask' first?" The changeling asked.

Vitam let out a small chuckle, then froze in place with his eyes wide open. He just stood there for a minute, locked in place with his eyes growing more wide by the second before he slowly turned his head toward the direction of Ponyville.

"Uh... Vitam?" The changeling asked.

Vitam continued to remain silent for several minutes. Something terribly wrong was happening. Something was happening to Zuro in the small town that was causing Zuro's anger and stress to rise. Not only that, but he also felt great joy, relief and happiness coming from a very powerful source. A very powerful and old creature the changelings believed to be extinct long ago.

Soon Vitam turned his focus to the rest of his family to see if he could sense anything wrong with them. He soon found out that Gnator already knew and was following his brother's feelings. His wife also felt the problem and was well out of their home on the way to where they could feel their oldest son.

Without another word, Vitam took off toward the direction he was staring as he transformed into the pony form he took while visiting Zuro in the town, leaving the other changeling behind with a concerned look on his face. Vitam  did not know what was going on, but he knew something was wrong with Zuro, and he needed to get over to his son before anything else happened!

Gnator and Entibus were flying at top speed toward the direction of his brother's troubled emotions. They both were taking the forms of griffons, because they were Gnator's favorite race, and they offered more speed with their impressive wing strength.

Gnator could sense his mother and father's fear and love for their eldest son heading in the same direction as he was. Something big was going on, and his brother was right in the middle of it. Gnator was not going to sit this one out, even if Queen Chrysalis herself ordered him not to go and help.

"Gnator, what's going on?" Entibus yelled through the rush of the wind.

"Something is happening to Zuro, and I'm not sitting this one out!" He replied.

"What do you mean 'sit this one out'?"

The two passed the mountain line and entered the dark forest. The town should be close. Gnator said to himself as the sun became blocked by the leaves of the trees.

"Darling?" Entibus asked.

"Just over a year ago, when the sun didn't rise, we all knew Zuro was in trouble." Gnator began. "I wanted to go and help, but dad said to stay and protect mom and Dili. I did, but nothing ever happened. I was so furious, when dad asked me if I wanted to come with him and Dili to see Zuro I said 'no' and ran off. That was when the queen found, and recruited me. I sat the last time out, I'm not doing it this time."

"And maybe you can tell your brother what the queen is planning and have him join us to save our race." Entibus suggested. Gnator gave no reply for a minute.


They flew the rest of the way through the forest, neither one of them breaking to feed and regain their strength. The new captain and his corporal were now on a mission of 'search and rescue' and there was no room for error on this one. Gnator had his mind, and senses locked on his brother with only one thing in mind.

I'm coming for you Zu.

Anorum flew as fast as her pony wings could carry her through the forest with Dulcis in her forelegs crying for her brother, whom she had never met, yet still loved. Changelings, even at birth could sense who their family was, especially their parents. This made family bonds strong and helped them to be closer together. It allowed them to come to one another's aid in situations such as this.

Anorum felt the love of her husband for her coming in close behind her, but she made no effort to slow down. She had to find her son and help him. She did, however, give a good amount of attention to her crying baby and cradled her in her forelegs.

"Shh shh. It's okay baby." She said sweetly. "We're going to help your brother."


The voice was barely a measurable whisper over the howling wind in her ears, but the next time it came it was more clear.

"Anorum! Wait!" Vitam called out.

"Don't you dare tell a mother to stop when her firstborn son is in trouble!" She shouted without slowing down or turning back.

"I never said stop, I said wait! You're not going there alone with Dulcis still too young to transform!" Vitam said as he caught up with his wife.

"Zuro's in trouble. I don't care what the ponies think!" Anorum stated as she comforted Dulcis.

"Anorum, think about...." Vitam stopped short as they passed a hut in the middle of the forest. The fact that it was there was not what bothered them, so much as the fact as they could sense their daughter in there. They both stopped and flew down to the hut. They burst through the door without bothering to knock and found a blue pegasi mare standing next to their daughter in front of a zebra.

"Mommy, daddy!" Dili cried as she ran up to them pounced in Vitam's forelegs and nuzzled his chest, forcing her tears onto his coat.

"Vitam. Thank Celestia you're here." Angel said.

"Angel, what's going on?" Vitam asked.

"You're Angel Wings?" Anorum asked.

"Yes." Angel replied.

"You're the one who accepts my son, even though he's not a pony?" Anorum asked. Angel nodded her head, earning a squeak from Anorum. "Oh, I've been dying to meet you." said as she allowed her pony form drop.

"Anorum, my love, I thought Zuro was number one right now." Vitam said as he transformed.

"Daddy, I can't change, and bubba went to stop the chaos thingy." Dili cried.

"What do you mean you can't change, sweets?" Vitam asked.

"Things have been going chaotic all day." Angel began. "Zuro went to try and straighten things out, then she transformed and it's all because of that weird dragon looking old fart with the different body parts. And why did I say old fart?"

"Wait a minute." Vitam said.

"Did you say dragon with different body parts?" Anorum asked.

"... yes." Angel replied.

"That's impossible. The last draconequus died over a thousand years ago. They're extinct." Vitam said.

"In the matter of the ancient believed to be dead, these are words of truth that have been said." The zebra said.

"Come again?" Anorum asked.

"Zecora means what I just said is the truth." Angel explained.

"Mommy, daddy, Gnaty just past us."

Gnator and Entibus flew past a small hut in the forest. Gnator felt his parents in that hut with his two sisters, but he was not concerned about them.

"Gnator, I felt other changelings in that hut. Were they your family?" Entibus asked.

"Zuro wasn't in there." Gnator replied. "We're here to find Zuro and help hi..." They both stopped as they reached the edge of the forest. Just outside of the forest was... choas. The ground was a chess board and soap, houses were floating in the sky, and ponies were acting strange.

"What's going on here?" Entibus asked.

"... I don't know." Gnator answered.

They hovered there for a minute, watching chaos unfold everywhere before Gnator started flying into the town with Entibus close behind. They stopped short when a large pepper shaker appeared overhead and shook itself upside-down over them. Pepper began to fall all over them and fly into their nostrils, making their noses tickle. After a few gasps and quick breaths, they threw their heads back and let out a large 'AAAHHHH-CHOO!'

The air was filled with laughter as Gnator and Entibus sneezed from the pepper in their noses. Gnator looked around to find the source through his sneezing, but with no luck.

"Who's... ah-choo!... there?" He called.

"Ahahahaha... you should see your faces! Priceless!"

"Oh, ple... ah-choo!... please. not another whack job." Entibus said.

"Whack job? Me? And what does that make you, Entibus?"

Both blinked at the mention of her name.

"How do you know her name?" Gnator said just before another sneeze.

"The same way I know yours and your family's names, Gnator."

In a quick flash of light the large figure of the draconequus, Discord, who was laying on a cloud with a puff of cotton cloud hovering over him, which he stuck on a candy-cane striped cone and took a bite.

"Y'know, I only just recently found out why a certain pegasus loves these clouds so much. You wouldn't know her, but she's your brother, Zuro's manager." Discord said through the melting candy in his mouth.

Gnator and Entibus both stared at Discord in shock at what they saw before them. They both knew about the draconequus race, but they believed they were, and have been extinct for over a thousand years.

"So, not only do we have a whack job on our hooves, but an extinct whack job." Entibus mused.

"What do you know about my brother?" Gnator asked.

"Would you like to see her?" Discord asked with a smug grin.


Discord snapped his claw and the mare that was Zuro with the dog who was his best friend Jet Blast. As soon as the mare appeared with her derped eyes and dumb smile Gnator could sense right then it was Zuro, but something was really off.

"Say hello to my lovely little girl, Screwball." Discord said.

Gnater stared at his brother in shock with a rage slowly building up with each passing second as he realized what had become of his brother.

"You... are going... to pay... for this...!" Gnater said through gritted teeth.

"And you're going to stop me, is that it?" Discord asked.

"Lay one hair on my son and that'll be the end of it!" Came the voice of Anorum.

Entibus looked back to see the two parents coming in for a landing in their pony forms, Anorum glaring daggers at the draconequus while Gnater kept his burning eyes locked on the same target. In Gnator's eyes this was about to get ugly, and the draconequus was about to suffer. It was four changelings against one 'monster', and if Zuro was in his right mind than this was as good as done.

Part Two

Chaos And Disharmony

Chapter Two

The Challenge

"Not good enough!"

Gnator flinched at the bark of his commanding officer, growing even more angry and frustrated with him everyday he trained under his instruction. He had enough skill when he started training a year ago to start at a higher level than most, as instructed by Queen Chrysalis, but Fortis was never impressed by Gnator's progress. He always demanded better results from the young changeling, and Gnator was sick and tired of it.

"Again!" Fortis ordered.

"I've done it a thousand times already!" Gnator snapped as he glared at his officer. Fortis arched a brow as he glared at his inferior student.

"You will do it again until you have the technique perfected! Is that clear?" Fortis stated more than asked.

"I have it perfected!" Gnator replied. "Teach me the next level." Gnator then found himself lying on the ground with a sharp pain on his face. He looked back up to see Fortis glaring fiercely at him.

"You will learn your place before you go any higher in these ranks, child!"

Gnator immediately pounced from his place on the ground and tackled the officer with full force, knocking him to his back and swinging his hooves, making contact with Fortis' face, causing blood to drip from the older changeling's ears, nose, and mouth.

"I am not a child!" Gnator spat with each swing of his hooves.

Fortis managed to catch one of Gnator's hooves in mid swing then countered with a right cross, sending Gnator flying over and rolling on the ground a few feet before coming to a stop on his side. Gnator lifted his head off the ground as he spat blood from his lips. He looked up to see Fortis stomping his way. He stammered to his hooves to strike again, but he was not quick enough. Fortis grabbed him by the neck with his magic and lifted him off the ground.

"You will not progress any farther in this army, child!" Fortis barked.

"Let him go, Fortis." Came a female voice from Fortis' right.

"This little scrap has no place in this army, Entibus!" Fortis barked without taking his eyes, nor loosening his grip from Gnator.

"You know the queen herself selected this young man to be a part of her plan." Entibus said calmly.

"The queen can kiss my..."

"Please, finish your sentence, Fortis." Came a deeper female voice that attracted attention of all the changelings gathered around. All changelings, except Fortis, gave a deep, respectful bow. Gnator would have done the same, if he was not suspended by the neck in Fortis' magic, the lack of clear oxygen flowing the his throat beginning to make him light-headed.

"My queen, this 'child' you've selected to lead us from starvation assaulted me, and lacks the proper skills to perform his duties admirably. He has no place among us!" Fortis stated matter-of-factly.

"And you're the one restraining him from his breath, and dared to insult me while under the impression I wasn't in your presence." Chrysalis observed.

At this Fortis released his hold on Gnator, letting the younger to drop to the stone ground beneath them. Gnator coughed and gasped as fresh air filled his lungs, and Entibus came to his aid. He made no effort to stop her as he glared up at the older changeling.

"My queen, with all due respect, I feel your decision to bring this 'child'..."

"Don't call me a child!" Gnator barked.

"... this child into our army was a terrible mistake." Fortis finished.

"Are you the one who devised the plan to lead our hive from starvation?" The queen asked.

"No, my queen. But..."

"Are you the one who recruits the solders into my army?"

"No. But..."

"Have your suggestion in the recruits promotions ever had any meaning to me before now?"

"No." Fortis was growing more impatient with each question, and Chrysalis smirked at this." But my queen..."

"Then why should the word of a single, unimportant field trainer with higher expectations have any effect over a young recruit who has more chance to become captain in the next hour than you do in the next millennium?" Chrysalis asked with a growing smirk on her face that only increased with the reaction on Fortis' face.

"I beg your pardon my queen?" Fortis asked.

"I claim the right of challenge!" Gnator barked.

"Gnator, you should rest first." Entibus whispered to him as Fortis shot a glare at the younger changeling and Chrysalis grinned at the call.

"How dare you make such a claim!" Fortis shouted as he raised a hoof to strike at Gnator.

"Move that hoof any farther then you'll have no choice but to accept his challenge." Chrysalis mused.

Fortis froze in place after shooting a look of shock to his monarch, who just gave him a smile that dared him to go on.

"Besides, a challenge has to be answered." She encouraged.

"You expect me to accept a challenge from this spoiled, unworthy little scrap?!" Fortis spat.

"Do you have the guts to say that to my face, phoenix fodder?" Gnator asked, earning a sharp, dagger filled glare from Fortis.

"What did you say?"

"Call me a scrap, or child again, and I'll make sure you can't be used for anything more than a pony's cat toilet!" Gnator mused, earning a chuckle from Chrysalis.

"Oh, I simply love his spirit." She stated. "Maybe I should make him my personal captain and demote you."

"My queen?!" Fortis whirled his head to Chrysalis.

"I say there shall be a battle for supremacy right here, right now!" She called to her gathered subjects, who all buzzed and cheered at the thought. "Sounds like your comrades are up for a fight, Fortis. Are you going to accept the challenge of a strong youth, or will you allow yourself to be called a coward for running away from an underage?"

This question did the trick. Fortis visibly trembled in place, the anger bursting from his body like a flame that could warm up a large mess hall. He turned his focus to Gnator, who was being held by a concerned looking Entibus.

"Gnator, don't do this." She pleaded.

"I won't be pushed around by this fodder anymore!" He spat towards Fortis, increasing the burning anger radiating from his trembling body. Gnator raised a hoof and placed on her shoulder while keeping his eyes locked on his opponent. "Entibus, don't worry about me. Just get a safe distance from this." Entibus turned her gaze to Fortis, who was still waiting for his opponent to ready himself. Then she returned her gaze to Gnator with a smile on her face.

"You just need to do one thing for me." She stated. She leaned and planted a kiss to his cheek, making sure not to obstruct his view from his opponent. "Come back to me unharmed." The anger within Gnator subsided and he let a smile form on his face.

"Enough!" Fortis spat. "Name your terms, and let's end this!"

At this Entibus flew away from her lover as Gnator got to his hooves while keeping his eyes locked on his opponent.

"One," Gnator began. "No magic, or multiple transformations. Just one race within reason. No dragons, monsters, or anything like that." Gnator noticed Fortis flinched at this. He knew Fortis preferred using magic and large creatures to gain the advantage, and this made it easy for him to overtake that advantage.

"What makes you think I'll agree to that?" Fortis asked.

"Then get out of the hive now!" Gnator ordered, earning a pleased grin from his monarch.

"If you can't meet demands, then it's highly recommended you don't show your face in our hive again, Fortis." Chrysalis mused.

"Fine!" Fortis agreed. "What else?"

"Only use what can be naturally used by the race you become. Pegasus flight, earth pony strength." Gnator stopped right there, watching Fortis expression about the strength portion.

"And if we change in combat?" Fortis asked.

"Then you forfeit all, and are banished from the hive." This earned approval from all the changelings gathered to witness.

"And to add on, the one who loses will have to witness the loss of his loved ones before exile." The queen added.

Gnator blinked at this while Fortis agreed without hesitation. Now Gnator had an even better reason to win this! He loved his family and that was the whole reason he joined Chrysalis' army in the first place, so his family would not starve, and they could be together again.

And Entibus. With loved ones on the line, that meant she was in danger as well, so he could not back away, or lose. His determination increased tenfold. Gnator took in a deep breath as he kept his eyes locked on Fortis.

"We're at an understanding, then?" He asked.

"I agree to the terms of this challenge!" Fortis exclaimed.

"Then, let the battle begin." Chrysalis called.

Fortis, as Gnator expected, immediately took the form of a well built earth pony stallion and charged his target. Gnator transformed into a griffon and leapt into the air, almost expecting Fortis to transform into something that flies.

"You lose!" Fortis barked from the ground.

"I said, no monsters or dragons. I never said no griffons!" Gnator stated matter-of-factly.

"My queen, he lost - oof!" Fortis was tackled to the ground by Gnator once he took eyes off him. Fortis was pinned to his back as Gnator slashed his claws at his face. Fortis managed to get his hind hooves under Gnator's gut and bucked him off. Gnator got back to his feet as Fortis got to his hooves.

The changelings around them were buzzing and cheering as the fight heated up between the two while Chrysalis and Entibus watched side by side. Chrysalis with an amused smile on her face while Entibus showed nervous expressions.

Gnator made the next move as he charged his opponent, who whirled around and bucked Gnator in the beak, sending him flying backwards to the ground.

"Stay down, scrap!" Fortis barked.

Gnator immediately flapped his powerful wings as he extended his claws out for Fortis' throat. Fortis tried to dodge, but he did not anticipate Gnator's fierce speed, and was left with deep claw marks on the right side of his neck and face.

"Oh, an intent to kill." Chrysalis mused. "Your boyfriend is quite promising."

"You don't intend to kill his loved ones, do you my queen?" Entibus asked as she watched Gnator and Fortis fight on.

"No." Chrysalis answered. "I only said that to give Gnator the drive he needs to get rid of that well."

"Can't you just banish him as you please?" Chrysalis chuckled.

"And leave a promising solder without a good challenge to rise up in my ranks? No. I need to be sure he can take care of a situation like this."

They continued to watch the battle as it carried on, going back and forth as one claimed the advantage over the other, then switched. Anytime Fortis would gain the advantage over Gnator, Entibus had to refrain herself from jumping in to help Gnator, or he would automatically lose this fight.

It seemed to go on for hours as they both steadily grew tired with each swing they made. Things began to look bad for Gnator as Fortis started to push harder, and harder, gaining the advantage over the young changeling until he pushed his griffon form to the ground, pinning him on his back.

"I said it before!" Fortis yelled. "You have no place in this army!"

Gnator was exhausted. He was low on strength, and he was almost ready to give up. He looked to his right and saw Entibus, looking terrified, and showing him how much she cared with her eyes. Those beautiful, brilliant blue eyes sending him all the love she could afford to give him without interfering.

"Give up you scrap!" Fortis barked.

Gnator looked up at Fortis and glared daggers at him. The sudden change in Gnator's expression made him flinch, but he kept hold of the 'griffon'.

"What do you have to fight for, fodder?" Gnator asked. "I have my family. My mom. My dad. Dili. Zuro. A new sibling to ensure doesn't go hungry! And Entibus! What do you have?!" As Gnator spoke, his voice grew stronger and more forceful, causing Fortis to loosen his grip over his opponent. "I thought so. You have nothing!"

Gnator used his hind paws and gave Fortis a hard buck, sending the 'earth pony' flying through the air, then he flapped his wings to charge after him. Fortis stammered to his hooves, but he was to slow. Gnator landed on top of Fortis, and slashed at his back twice before placing his paws on the ground and grabbing Fortis by the neck and held him up for all to see.

"Resign!" Gnator ordered. Fortis coughed and uttered out something inaudible. "Again!"

"I... 'cough'..."

"I can't hear you!"

"... 'cough'... I... yield...!"

With that, Gnator loosened his grip and Fortis fell to the ground, his pony form disappearing as he hit the ground as he gasped and coughed with fresh air rushing through his lungs. The crowd around them all cheered as Entibus flew up to Gnator and embraced him in her forelegs, and locking her lips with his beak. He let his griffon form disappear to make it easy for them to enjoy their kiss as he wrapped his own forelegs around her.

While the two were locked in each others embraced, Fortis slowly got to his hooves and ignited his horn in green, preparing to attack both the scum who dared to call themselves changelings.

A loud blast pulled Gnator and Entibus from each other and they looked to find Fortis laying on his side with smoke rising from his body. They looked over to find Queen Chrysalis slowly walking up to him as she fiercely glared daggers at him. Fortis struggled to get to his hooves, only managing to lift his head up and find his monarch standing over him.

"You dare cross your brethren when their back is turned?" She stated coldly. He gave no reply, the pain he felt from her blast was to much for him to barely breath, let along speak. "You are here by stripped of your changeling title, and forever banished from my hive."

"But... my... que -..."

"Leave these mountains, or face more pain than any changeling has ever endured in our history!" Chrysalis ordered.

Fortis struggled from the ground, loosing his balance and falling back to the ground several times before he finally gathered the strength he had left to fly out toward the forest.

Gnator and Entibus were both out at the edge of a canyon in the mountains. Chrysalis, after banishing Fortis from the hive, had given the two some time alone to enjoy his victory. She leaned in on his shoulder and he to the invitation and wrapped his foreleg around her, making the love vibes she radiated increase.

"You were incredible, Gnator." She mused.

"I have you to thank for that, Entibus." He replied. She hummed happily at his words.

She was only a year older then he was and had joined Chrysalis' army around the same time he did. At first the two wanted nothing to do with the other, but that soon changed after a few training assignments together. They became close friends and took every chance they had to be alone with each other.

Gnator looked down at her and nuzzled her head. She looked up at him with a smile and slowly leaned in to close the gap between them until their lips met. Gnator gently broke the kiss and looked into her eyes for several moments.

"Entibus?" He said.

"Yes, Gnator." She replied.

"We've known each other for a year now." She replied with an 'mhmm' as she gave her head a small nod. "Well, I was wondering... Would you..."


"Would you... um..." She leaned in and gave him a long passionate kiss. When she broke the kiss he smiled sheepishly at her and opened his mouth to speak again.

"Shut up and kiss me, captain." She said, confirming his question. He smiled and leaned in for another kiss, this one more passionate than the last as they wrapped their forelegs around each other.

They were locked in their love embrace for a few minutes before Gnator suddenly broke the kiss and looked off into the direction of the small town said to be just on the other side of the Everfree Forest.

"What is it, darling?" Entibus asked as she followed his gaze from her place on the ground.

"Something's wrong." Gnator stated. "Zuro and Dili are in trouble!"

Cyno stared up at the only friendly face he'd ever seen in the short span of his life. The harpy was the biggest he'd ever seen - she was like a giant, even though she sat on the floor and held the little hybrid in her lap. Cyno was small enough to rest in her arms like a child; he was a child after all, only three years old. He'd spent his life being bounced around between harpy and griffon, and neither species had ever held him for long. No one wanted to. He was a disgusting creature by all the standards. It still wasn't something that he understood, of course. 

Sohl made a face down at the little thing, not quite enough disgust in her face to discourage him. After spending so much time in Equestria, she'd seen too many things and spent too much time with 'disgusting' and 'gross' creatures, nature's mistakes, to find Cyno repulsive, and perhaps that was why she was stuck with babysitting. Well, guarding was a better word. "Stop looking at me like that, kid," she practically whined. She couldn't afford to start feeling sentimental, but she missed Orea. It was almost an ache, a palpable pain from being separated, and she was finding Cyno slowly filling that void, and it didn't help that the little hybrid stared at his guardian with nothing short of adoration.

A little something I wrote on the spot for this drawing, taking place very soon in an upcoming chapter of Expanding Horizons, and made to go along with this drawing that Onion-Eyed-Goat made for me. Thank you so very much once again!!

Mechafone Comm by Onion-Eyed-Goat
And we start off with this gorgeous drawing made of a couple of my griffons, one that T1N-CAN and I made together. Frankie's getting groomed, whether he likes it or not, by the beautiful Callie (this spelling is the correct one, despite the fact that I constantly spell it different ways ><)

Request: Mechafone by MissTulcadhielMade for me by MissTulcadhiel

And to top it off, we have Spark Storm having a hissy fit fight with the current main enemy in the latest story Expanding Horizons. Don't you worry fans, the actual fight will be taken much more seriously.

[Point Commission] Lusus and Spark Storm by KyuremGirlDrawn for me by KyuremGirl 

Thank you both very very much!



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